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Meta Reading Group


The Meta Reading Group focuses on meta-philosophical topics such as the philosophy of philosophy, meta-epistemology, meta-philosophy of language, meta-ethics, meta-metaphysics, and so on. The group reads both recent work (including sometimes work in progress) and "classical" texts. Everyone is welcome—nay, encouraged—to attend.

The group meets every second Thursday from 2 to 4 pm in the Psychology Building, 7 George Square, room S38. Please direct all Meta Reading Group inquiries to Silvan Wittwer (email).

Current reading

This year, the Group shall collectively read and discuss classical as well as recent, yet highly influential, papers on meta-ethics, broadly construed. Dates and reminders will be sent out via the general mailing lists.

Suggestions for other readings are always welcome!

Previous readings


  • Berit Brogaard (2012) Transient Truth Oxford: Oxford University Press