School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Linguistics and English Language



Affiliated Faculty

Academic Staff

Name Position Phone Location
Dr Peter Ackema Send Email to Dr Peter AckemaReader0131 650 34952.05 (DSB)
Dr Rhona Alcorn Send Email to Dr Rhona AlcornChancellor's Fellow0131 650 66602.07 (DSB)
Dr Ellen Gurman Bard Send Email to Dr Ellen Gurman BardReader0131 651 17592.13 (DSB)
Dr Madeleine Beveridge Send Email to Dr Madeleine BeveridgeResearch Co-ordinator in Bilingualism Matterssee profilesee profile
Prof Ronnie Cann Send Email to Prof Ronnie CannProfessor0131 651 18392.10 (DSB)
Dr Vicky Chondrogianni Send Email to Dr Vicky ChondrogianniLecturer in Bilingualism0131 650 40202.07a (DSB)
Dr Claire Cowie Send Email to Dr Claire CowieLecturer0131 650 83921.11a (DSB)
Dr Jennifer Culbertson Send Email to Dr Jennifer CulbertsonChancellor's Fellow0131 651 55101.14 (DSB)
Dr Chris Cummins Send Email to Dr Chris CumminsChancellor's Fellow0131 650 68581.11 (DSB)
Prof Michael Dunn Send Email to Prof Michael DunnProfessorial FellowTBATBA
Dr Josef Fruehwald Send Email to Dr Josef FruehwaldLecturer0131 650 39832.11 (DSB)
Dr Joseph Gafaranga Send Email to Dr Joseph GafarangaSenior Lecturer0131 650 34963.05 (DSB)
Prof Heinz Giegerich Send Email to Prof Heinz GiegerichProfessor0131 650 35953.09 (DSB)
Prof Nikolas Gisborne Send Email to Prof Nikolas GisborneProfessor0131 650 36002.03 (DSB)
Dr Lauren Hall-Lew Send Email to Dr Lauren Hall-LewLecturer0131 651 18362.04 (DSB)
Prof Caroline Heycock Send Email to Prof Caroline HeycockProfessor0131 651 19992.10A (DSB)
Dr Patrick Honeybone Send Email to Dr Patrick HoneyboneSenior Lecturer0131 651 18383.06 (DSB)
Dr Pavel Iosad Send Email to Dr Pavel IosadLecturer0131 650 39483.08 (DSB)
Prof John E. Joseph Send Email to Prof John E. JosephProfessor0131 650 34972.08 (DSB)
Prof Simon King Send Email to Prof Simon KingProfessor0131 651 17253.11 (IF)
Dr James Kirby Send Email to Dr James KirbyLecturer0131 650 39522.09 (DSB)
Prof Simon Kirby Send Email to Prof Simon KirbyProfessor0131 650 34941.09 (DSB)
Prof Bettelou Los Send Email to Prof Bettelou LosHead of Subject Area0131 651 18423.03 (DSB)
Dr Warren Maguire Send Email to Dr Warren MaguireLecturer0131 650 39473.07 (DSB)
Dr Mits Ota Send Email to Dr Mits OtaReader0131 650 39492.21 (DSB)
Prof Geoffrey Pullum FBA Send Email to Prof Geoffrey Pullum FBAProfessor0131 650 36032.23 (DSB)
Dr Michael Ramsammy Send Email to Dr Michael RamsammyLecturer0131 650 39591.13 (DSB)
Dr Bert Remijsen Send Email to Dr Bert RemijsenChancellor's Fellow0131 650 66572.22 (DSB)
Dr Hannah Rohde Send Email to Dr Hannah RohdeLecturer0131 650 6802 2.06 (DSB)
Dr Kenny Smith Send Email to Dr Kenny SmithReader0131 650 39561.08 (DSB)
Prof Antonella Sorace Send Email to Prof Antonella SoraceProfessor0131 650 34932.02 (DSB)
Dr Monica Tamariz Send Email to Dr Monica TamarizTeaching Fellow0131 650 66581.07 (DSB)
Dr Graeme Trousdale Send Email to Dr Graeme TrousdaleSenior Lecturer0131 650 35993.04 (DSB)
Dr Rob Truswell Send Email to Dr Rob TruswellChancellor's Fellow0131 651 55111.12 (DSB)
Prof Alice Turk Send Email to Prof Alice TurkProfessor0131 650 34832.12 (DSB)
Dr Linda van Bergen Send Email to Dr Linda van BergenLecturer0131 651 19983.02 (DSB)

Research Staff

Name Position Phone Location
Dr Matthew Aylett Send Email to Dr Matthew AylettResearch Fellow0131 651 32843.10 (IF)
Mrs Nicola Davies-Jenkins Send Email to Mrs Nicola Davies-JenkinsResearch Assistant0131 650 35972.15 (DSB)
Dr Judit Fazekas Send Email to Dr Judit FazekasResearch Assistant0131 650 35972.15 (DSB)
Ms Ruth Friskney Send Email to Ms Ruth FriskneyResearch Assistant0131 650 35972.15 (DSB)
Dr Joanna Kopaczyk Send Email to Dr Joanna KopaczykResearch Assistant0131 651 55072.01 (DSB)
Dr Cassie Mayo Send Email to Dr Cassie MayoResearch Fellow0131 651 17673.03 (IF)
Dr Benjamin Molineaux Send Email to Dr Benjamin MolineauxResearch Assistant0131 651 55062.01 (DSB)
Dr Martha Robinson Send Email to Dr Martha RobinsonResearch Assistant0131 650 2885G.05 (DSB)
Dr Marieke Schouwstra Send Email to Dr Marieke SchouwstraBA Postdoc Fellow0131 650 66581.07 (DSB)
Dr Barbora Skarabela Send Email to Dr Barbora SkarabelaResearch Assistant0131 650 35972.15 (DSB)
Dr Gary Thoms Send Email to Dr Gary ThomsBA Postdoc Fellow0131 650 35972.15 (DSB)


Name Programme Phone Location
Misnadin Send Email to MisnadinPhD Linguistics & English Language
Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu Send Email to Elizabeth Olushola AdeoluPhD Linguistics & English Language
Maha Al-Ayyash Send Email to Maha Al-AyyashPhD LinguisticsDSB
Ayoub Almusallam Send Email to Ayoub AlmusallamMSc Applied Linguistics
Lasse Andersen Send Email to Lasse AndersenMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Prodromos Antzoulis Send Email to Prodromos AntzoulisMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Laura Arnold Send Email to Laura ArnoldPhD Linguistics & English Language
Mark Atkinson Send Email to Mark AtkinsonPhD Linguistics & English Language
Soundess Azzabou-Kacem Send Email to Soundess Azzabou-KacemPhD Linguistics & English Language
RL Bailes Send Email to RL BailesPhD Linguistics and English Language
Jonathan Berk Send Email to Jonathan BerkMSc Applied Linguistics
Fiona Berreby Send Email to Fiona BerrebyMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Suzanne Bodine Send Email to Suzanne BodineMSc Developmental Linguistics
Aisha Bove Send Email to Aisha BoveMSc Applied Linguistics
Zachary Boyd Send Email to Zachary BoydPhD Linguistics & English Language
Kathryn Brown Send Email to Kathryn BrownMSc Developmental Linguistics
Gabrielle Cahen Send Email to Gabrielle CahenMSc Developmental Linguistics
Wenjia Cai Send Email to Wenjia CaiMSc Applied Linguistics
Amanda Cardoso Send Email to Amanda CardosoPhD Linguistics & English Language
Lucía Castillo Send Email to Lucía CastilloMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Cris Chatterjee Send Email to Cris  ChatterjeePhD Linguistics
Xin Chen Send Email to Xin ChenMSc English Language
Adam Scott Clark Send Email to Adam Scott ClarkPhD Linguistics & English Language2.17 (DSB)
Rebecca Colleran Send Email to Rebecca ColleranPhD Linguistics & English Language
Stephen Conte Send Email to Stephen ConteMSc Developmental Linguistics
Stephanie De Marco Berman Send Email to Stephanie De Marco BermanPhD Linguistics & English Language
Maria de Sam Lazaro Send Email to Maria de Sam LazaroMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Arielle del Rosario Send Email to Arielle del RosarioMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Nestor dela Cruz Send Email to Nestor dela CruzPhD Linguistics & English Language
Tania Delgado Send Email to Tania DelgadoMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Evelyn Diener Send Email to Evelyn DienerMSc English Language
Alexander Docherty Send Email to Alexander DochertyMSc Speech & Language Processing
James Donaldson Send Email to James DonaldsonPhD Linguistics & English Language
Linlin Dong Send Email to Linlin DongMSc English Language
Boyang Dou Send Email to Boyang DouMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Mirjam Eiswirth Send Email to Mirjam EiswirthMSc Applied Linguistics
Zuzana Elliott Send Email to Zuzana ElliottPhD Linguistics & English Language
Vanessa Ferdinand Send Email to Vanessa FerdinandPhD Linguistics and English Language
Sylvia Figueroa Ortiz Send Email to Sylvia Figueroa OrtizMSc Applied Linguistics
Golda Fischer Send Email to Golda FischerPhD Linguistics and English Language
Ruth Friskney Send Email to Ruth FriskneyPhD Linguistics and English Language
Lily Fullerton Send Email to Lily FullertonMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Zoltan Galsi Send Email to Zoltan GalsiPhD Linguistics
Carlos G. Garcia Valenzuela Send Email to Carlos G.  Garcia ValenzuelaMSc Developmental Linguistics
Wojtek GardelaPhD English Language1.17 (DSB)
Elena Gooray Send Email to Elena GoorayMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Claire Graf Send Email to Claire GrafPhD Linguistics & English Language
Xin Guan Send Email to Xin GuanMSc Applied Linguistics
Zakaris Hansen Send Email to  Zakaris HansenPhD Linguistics
Emma Healey Send Email to Emma HealeyPhD LinguisticsDSB
Christoph Hesse Send Email to Christoph HessePhD Linguistics and English Language
Michael Hobart Send Email to Michael HobartMSc by Research Linguistics
Kayleigh Jacobs Send Email to Kayleigh JacobsMSc by Research English Language
Raffaela Jud Send Email to Raffaela JudMSc Applied Linguistics
Amanina Kamarudin Send Email to Amanina KamarudinMSc Applied Linguistics
Rosie Kay Send Email to Rosie KayMSc Speech & Language Processing
Bridin Kelly Send Email to Bridin KellyMSc Speech & Language Processing
Suzanna Kincaid Send Email to Suzanna KincaidMSc English Language
Fiona Kirton Send Email to Fiona KirtonMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Ermioni Konari Send Email to Ermioni KonariMSc Developmental Linguistics
Leyla Kose Send Email to Leyla KosePhD LinguisticsDSB
I-Chun Lai Send Email to I-Chun LaiPhD Linguistics & English Language
Sam Laing Send Email to Sam LaingMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Daniel Lam Send Email to Daniel LamPhD Linguistics and English Language2.17 (DSB)
Daniel Lawrence Send Email to Daniel LawrencePhD Linguistics & English Language
Stephanie Lenn Send Email to Stephanie LennMSc by Research Linguistics
Mei Li Send Email to Mei LiMSc English Language
Tsz Chun Lo Send Email to Tsz Chun LoMSc by Research Linguistics
Madeleine Long Send Email to Madeleine LongMSc Developmental Linguistics
Sergio Lopez Martinez Send Email to Sergio Lopez MartinezMSc English Language
Jia Loy Send Email to Jia LoyMSc Applied Linguistics
Ziming Lu Send Email to Ziming LuPhD Linguistics & English Language
Thijs Lubbers Send Email to Thijs LubbersPhD Linguistics & English Language
Candice Mathers Send Email to Candice MathersMSc Applied Linguistics
Natasha Memon Send Email to  Natasha MemonPhD English Language
Ashley Micklos Send Email to Ashley MicklosVisiting Postgraduate Student - Linguistics & English Language
Yasamin Motamedi Send Email to Yasamin MotamediPhD Linguistics & English Language
Sara Myers Send Email to Sara MyersPhD Linguistics and English Language
Omar Naboulsi Send Email to Omar NaboulsiMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Anna Naxiadou Send Email to Anna NaxiadouMSc Speech & Language Processing
Sandy Nicholson Send Email to Sandy NicholsonPhD Linguistics & English Language1.15 (DSB)
Alan Nielsen Send Email to Alan NielsenPhD Linguistics & English Language
Georgios Pagonas Send Email to Georgios PagonasMSc Applied Linguistics
Aristeidis Palamaras Send Email to Aristeidis PalamarasPhD Linguistics & English Language
David Querfeld Send Email to David QuerfeldMSc Applied Linguistics
Justin Quillinan Send Email to Justin QuillinanPhD Linguistics1.15 (DSB)
Squish Ramsay Send Email to Squish RamsayMSc Speech & Language Processing
Miss Kate Repnik Send Email to Miss Kate RepnikMSc Developmental Linguistics
Manuela Rocchi Send Email to Manuela RocchiPhD Linguistics and English Language
Carley Rodgers Send Email to Carley RodgersMSc Applied Linguistics
Zhixuan Ruan Send Email to Zhixuan RuanMSc English Language
Des Ryan Send Email to Des RyanVisiting Postgraduate Student - Linguistics & English Language
Carmen Saldana Send Email to Carmen SaldanaPhD Linguistics & English Language
Christina Schmidt Send Email to Christina SchmidtPhD Linguistics
Friederike Sell Send Email to Friederike SellMSc Applied Linguistics
Sara Selzer Send Email to Sara SelzerMSc Evolution of Language & Cognition
Rei Shapira Send Email to Rei ShapiraMSc Speech & Language Processing
Catriona Silvey Send Email to Catriona SilveyPhD Linguistics & English Language
Matthew Spike Send Email to Matthew SpikePhD Linguistics & English Language
Kevin Stadler Send Email to Kevin StadlerPhD Linguistics & English Language1.15 (DSB)
George Starling Send Email to George StarlingPhD Linguistics & English Language
Laura Andreea Sterian Send Email to Laura Andreea SterianPhD Linguistics
Lin Stevenson Send Email to Lin StevensonMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Leila Straub Send Email to Leila StraubMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Justin Sulik Send Email to Justin SulikPhD Linguistics
Liang-Yu Sung Send Email to Liang-Yu SungMSc Developmental Linguistics
Marta Tessmann Bandeira Send Email to Marta Tessmann BandeiraVisiting Postgraduate Student - Linguistics & English Language
James Thomas Send Email to James ThomasPhD Linguistics1.15 (DSB)
Bill Thompson Send Email to Bill ThompsonPhD Linguistics & English Language1.15 (DSB)
Yi-Ju Tsai Send Email to Yi-Ju TsaiMSc Applied Linguistics
Darryl Turner Send Email to Darryl TurnerPhD Linguistics & English Language
Karinnette Valenzuela Ponce Send Email to Karinnette Valenzuela PonceMSc Developmental Linguistics
Claudia Viggiano Send Email to Claudia ViggianoMSc Applied Linguistics
Cyril Wealer Send Email to Cyril WealerMSc Cognition in Science & Society
Sanderijn Weulen Kranenberg Send Email to Sanderijn Weulen KranenbergMSc Developmental Linguistics
James Winters Send Email to James WintersPhD Linguistics & English Language
Marieke Woensdregt Send Email to Marieke WoensdregtVisiting Postgraduate Student - Linguistics & English Language
Xiao Xiao Send Email to Xiao XiaoMSc Applied Linguistics
Jie Yang Send Email to Jie YangPhD Linguistics & English Language
Yue Yu Send Email to Yue YuMSc Applied Linguistics
Wenfei Zhang Send Email to Wenfei ZhangMSc English Language
Hongyan Zhao Send Email to Hongyan ZhaoMSc English Language

Support Staff


Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Julie Anderson Send Email to Mrs Julie AndersonSchool Secretary0131 651 30837.03 (DSB)
Mrs Clare McDonald Send Email to Mrs Clare McDonaldClerical Assistant0131 650 34427.03 (DSB)
Mrs Debbie Moodie Send Email to Mrs Debbie MoodieDirector of Professional Services0131 651 30847.02 (DSB)

Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre

Name Position Phone Location
Miss Denise Grassick Send Email to Miss Denise GrassickAdministrative Secretary0131 650 4340G24 (7GS)

Buildings and Facilities

Name Position Phone Location
Mr Ken Vogel Send Email to Mr Ken VogelBuildings & Facilities Officer0131 651 1990G9 (7GS)
Mr David Wilkinson Send Email to Mr David Wilkinson Buildings & Facilities Officer0131 650 34347.03 (DSB)

Centre for Cognitive Ageing & Cognitive Epidemiology

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Anna Sim Send Email to Mrs Anna SimCCACE Administrative Secretary0131 650 8275F2 (7GS)

Cognitive Neuroscience

Name Position Phone Location
Mr Ronny Wiegand Send Email to Mr Ronny WiegandCognitive Neuroscience Lab Manager0131 651 51464.11 (DSB)

Computing, Graphics and Sound

Name Position Phone Location
Mr Stephen Boyd Send Email to Mr Stephen BoydComputing Support OfficerSee profileSee profile
Mrs Morag Brown Send Email to Mrs Morag BrownSystems Manager0131 650 39634.02 (DSB)
Mr Philip Cass Send Email to Mr Philip CassComputing Support Officer0131 650 39571.10 (DSB)
Mr Nick Daniels Send Email to Mr Nick DanielsLearning Technologist0131 651 55084.11 (DSB)
Mr Eddie Dubourg Send Email to Mr Eddie DubourgComputing/Technical Support0131 650 39571.10 (DSB)
Mr Colin Hickie Send Email to Mr Colin HickieLearning Technologist0131 651 51764.11 (DSB)
Mr Alistair Kirkhope Send Email to Mr Alistair KirkhopeComputing Support Officer0131 650 2899G7 (7GS)
Mr Cedric Macmartin Send Email to Mr Cedric MacmartinIT Services ManagerSee profileSee profile
Mr Alisdair Tullo Send Email to Mr Alisdair TulloProgrammer0131 650 41844.11 (DSB)
Mr Roy Welensky Send Email to Mr Roy WelenskyWebmaster & Graphics Officer0131 650 3458G7 (7GS)

Finance and HR Support

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Kirkaldy Send Email to Mrs Shirley KirkaldyAppointments & Finance Secretary0131 651 16847.03 (DSB)

Finance Office

Name Position Phone Location
Mr Steven McGauley Send Email to Mr Steven McGauleyAdministrative Officer (Finance)0131 650 34317.04 (DSB)

Human Cognitive Neuroscience

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Cheryl Phillips Send Email to Mrs Cheryl PhillipsEditorial/Clerical Assistant0131 650 6617F11 (7GS)


Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Karen Fleet Send Email to Mrs Karen FleetLibrarian0131 650 3439G3 (7GS)

Marketing/Knowledge Exchange

Name Position Phone Location
Ms Kate Mayor Send Email to Ms Kate MayorMarketing & Communications Officer0131 650 31941.03 (DSB)
Dr Robin Morton Send Email to Dr Robin MortonKnowledge Exchange, Communications & Impact Manager0131 650 8292See profile
Dr Francesca Micol Rossi Send Email to Dr Francesca Micol RossiPPLS/Eidyn Knowledge Exchange Officer0131 651 55091.03 (DSB)

Postgraduate Office

Name Position Phone Location
Miss Lynsey Buchanan Send Email to Miss Lynsey BuchananPostgraduate Secretary0131 651 50021.06 (DSB)
Miss Katie Keltie Send Email to Miss Katie KeltiePostgraduate Administrator0131 650 35941.06 (DSB)
Miss Toni Noble Send Email to Miss Toni NoblePostgraduate Administrative Secretary0131 651 31881.06 (DSB)

Reception (Dugald Stewart Building)

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Shirley Yuill Send Email to Mrs Shirley YuillReceptionist0131 651 3296Reception (DSB)

Reception (Psychology Building)

Name Position Phone Location
Ms Avril Brooks Send Email to Ms Avril BrooksReceptionist0131 650 8388Concourse (7GS)
Mr Ian Morrison Send Email to Mr Ian MorrisonServitor0776 587 1843G10 (7GS)

Research Office

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Susan Hamilton Send Email to Mrs Susan HamiltonAdministrative Officer (Research)0131 651 13011.04 (DSB)
Ms Karen McErlean Send Email to Ms Karen McErleanResearch Secretary0131 651 51731.04 (DSB)
Mrs Mel McLaughlin Send Email to Mrs Mel McLaughlinResearch Administrator0131 650 99671.04 (DSB)

Undergraduate Teaching Office

Name Position Phone Location
Mrs Moira Avraam Send Email to Mrs Moira AvraamUndergraduate Administrator0131 650 36611.05 (DSB)
Mr Simon Cann Send Email to Mr Simon CannTeaching Office Assistant Secretary0131 650 9870G.06 (DSB)
Miss Mhari Davidson Send Email to Miss Mhari DavidsonStudent Support Officer0131 651 3737G.03 (DSB)
Ms Stephanie Fong Send Email to Ms Stephanie FongOn maternity leave0131 650 3628G.06 (DSB)
Ms Fiona Graham Send Email to Ms Fiona GrahamTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3440G.06 (DSB)
Mrs Frankie Kerr-Dineen Send Email to Mrs Frankie Kerr-DineenTeaching Office Secretary0131 650 3961G.06 (DSB)
Judy McCulloch Send Email to Judy McCullochStudent Projects Administrator0131 651 5175G.03b (DSB)
Miss Sarah Nicol Send Email to Miss Sarah NicolStudent Support Officer0131 651 5505G.03 (DSB)
Ms Sue Richards Send Email to Ms Sue RichardsTeaching Office Secretary0131 651 3733G.06 (DSB)
Ms Tamsin Welch Send Email to Ms Tamsin WelchOn maternity leave0131 651 3737G.02 (DSB)


Name Position Phone Location
Prof Maria Cezario Send Email to Prof Maria CezarioVisitor0131 650 69772.14 (DSB)
Dr Olga Feher Send Email to Dr Olga FeherVisitor0131 650 66581.07 (DSB)
Dr Bethany Lochbihler Send Email to Dr Bethany LochbihlerVisitor0131 650 69772.14 (DSB)
Dr David Tizon-Couto Send Email to Dr David Tizon-CoutoVisitor0131 650 69772.14 (DSB)