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Dr Billy Lee

Photograph of Dr Billy Lee
0131 650 3342
S40 (7GS)
Research Interests
I am interested in personal experience, communication, and identity.

I offer qualitative research supervision using a phenomenological psychological approach to understanding the lived experiences of special populations, including culture, ethnicity, and mental health.


My research investigates "lived experience". I am interested in how our personal histories, bodies, culture, and existential situation influence how we experience ourselves and other people, and how we interpret, avoid and express feeling and being.

I use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to conduct experience-near interviews with special populations. My current projects include i) therapeutic listening and communication; ii) life transitions and identity development; iii) and emotional communication and perception.


  • Psychology 3: Project supervision e.g. British-born Chinese identities.
  • Psychology 4: Option courses: Psychology of Counselling; Mind, Body, and Consciousness.
  • Psychology 4: Final year dissertation supervision: aspects of marginal experience and identity. Final year tutorials
  • MSc (Conversion Course): Social Psychology of Mental Health 
  • MSc (Psychological Research Methods) dissertation supervision in Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis


  • Lee, B., Widdicombe, S., Bondi, L. & Prior, S. Development of Listening Skills. Development Trust Research Fund. 2007-2008. £3,400
  • Lee, B. Exploring the psychology of perception and impression formation in Japanese and British cultures. Daiwa Foundation Small Project Grant. 2002-2003. £1,500.
  • Lee, B. Imagery and visual memory. Nuffield Award to Newly Appointed Science Lecturers. 1997-1999. £3,500