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Marieke Gartner

Photograph of Marieke Gartner
PhD Psychology
Research Interests
Personality in non-human animals, evolution of personality, animal welfare and behaviour


BA, Psychology, Binghamton University
MA, English literature, University of Maryland
MA, Psychology (certificate in animal behavior & conservation), City University of New York, Hunter College

Current research

My research compares the personality factors and subjective well being in non-human animals to address questions of evolution and influence captive and shelter animal management. 


Gartner, M.C., & Weiss, A. (in press). Personality in felids: A review. Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

Gartner, M.C., & Weiss, A. (in press). Scottish wildcat (Felis silvestris grampia) personality and subjective well-being: Implications for captive management. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 

Weiss, A., Gartner, M.C., Gold, K.C., & Stoinski, T.S. (in press). Extraversion predicts longer survival in gorillas: An 18-year longitudinal study. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Gartner, M.C., & Powell, D. (2012). Personality assessment in snow leopards. Zoo Biology, 31, 151-165.

Powell, D., & Gartner, M.C. (2011). Applications of personality to the management and conservation of nonhuman animals. In M. Inoue-Murayama, S. Kawamura, A. Weiss (Eds.) From Genes to Animal Behaviour (pp. 185-199). Tokyo: Springer.