School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences


Quality Assurance & Enhancement of Teaching

Monitoring and evaluation procedure

The purpose of the annual School QAE audit is to assure the quality of teaching, but also to support and stimulate the continuous enhancement of teaching provision. Although annual quality reporting is primarily for the internal benefit of the School and is carried out to support the continuous improvement of teaching provision, an annual School QAE report is required to be submitted to the College Quality Assurance & Enhancement Committee (CQAEC) who then report to the University Senatus Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (SQAEC). Guidance for PPLS staff on the deadline dates and procedures for QA requirements, such as course monitoring, is in the PPLS QA Timeline Table.

Course Monitoring

Central to the School's commitment to teaching excellence is Course Monitoring of all taught courses in the School, undergraduate and postgraduate. The essentials of this annual review process involve Course Organisers in completing a College Course Monitoring Form (CMF) below. CMFs consist of four main elements: a statistical overview of students' final marks (provided by the Course Secretary); commentary upon these; commentary on feedback received from students, staff, and external examiners; and commentary on issues arising. All forms should be completed by Course Organisers in advance of each Subject Area's Teaching Audit Review.


Teaching Review Meeting

Another key component of the QAE cycle is the annual subject area Teaching Review Meeting (TRM) at which academic staff and course organisers discuss course and programme monitoring issues, and general issues relating to teaching and assessment. In particular, there is a detailed discussion of comments from, and recommendations of, external examiners. Discussion at the TRM also incorporates feedback from students collected through course questionnaires and staff-student liaison committee meetings.