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Computing information for postgraduates

Computing lab 1.16 (DSB)

Computing facilities

All postgraduate students in the school may use the computing laboratory in room 1.16 Dugald Stewart Building (DSB), and the teaching laboratory in G.05 Appleton Tower. In addition the School provides facilities for computer-based experimental work in Appleton Tower and the Psychology Building, 7 George Square (7GS). Information Services (IS) provides open-access labs which all students are entitled to use. Students may use laptop computers on the wireless networking providing they have completed wireless network registration.

All PhD students in the School are allocated either a desktop computer or the loan of a laptop, depending on whether they have individual study space in the Psychology Building, 7 George Square (7GS) or hot-desking space in the Dugald Stewart Building (DSB). Psychology MSc students have shared desktop computers available in their hot-desking workroom (G26, Psychology Building, 7 George Square).

Computing support

Information Services (IS) are the initial point of contact for all computing support issues within the School. Phone on 515151 or email for help. When the problem relates to locally installed software, or locally managed hardware, the helpline staff will route the query to the appropriate staff in PPLS. It is important to be clear about which laboratory or individual computer is involved, to enable the helpline staff make the correct choice. IS also run free mobile device clinics for diagnosing and fixing software faults on privately owned laptops.

Printing for PhD students

PhD students receive free printing on the PPLS printers which are accessed through queues on the server The queues to use are:

PhD students may also use the printers in the IS open-access labs, but in this case must pay for their printing through their IS operated printing account. If a PhD student runs out of free quota, then the PPLS printers listed above will also charge against their IS operated printing account. Therefore it is important to check that you always have free quota available, and request more if your quota runs out.

Printing for MSc students

MSc students are charged for printing via their IS operated printing account. The PPLS printers available to MSc students are:

To check how much quota is left:

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