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PPLS Research Student Handbook (PDF)

Progress and Annual Reports

PhD progress is monitored annually by your supervisory team (see the Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students for details). This is an opportunity for you and your supervisors to look back on the past year of work, address any concerns that might arise and plan for the next year of your studies. While you will be having these discussions during your supervision meetings throughout your studies, this report is a summary of your progress each year and is the official report added to your student record.

In preparation for this, complete the relevant self assessment form through the link below. Your supervisors may ask you to prepare particular pieces of academic work in preparation for your meeting and these can be attached to your form.

It is recommended that a meeting between you and your supervisory teams is scheduled to go over your report each year however the only time that a formal meeting is compulsory is for the first year review (with the exception of Philosophy - see below). For the first year review you will meet with your supervisory team plus an additional member of academic staff not connected with your project.

PHILOSOPHY: PhD students in Philosophy are expected to have a formal meeting for their review in each year of study.

To do list:

The review form:

The progress review form is available through the link below.

If you are not logged in to your University computing account you will be asked to enter your EASE log-in details to access the form.

What happens next?


Thesis Submission

Your thesis is submitted for examination to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Postgraduate Office (PGO) based on the first floor of the David Hume Tower. What you need to do:

YOU MUST COMPLETE THREE FORMS (these can be found on the Academic Services website under the Research Degrees section - the forms on the Academic Services site are listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Thesis Notice Intention Submit
    This form is sometime referred to as the NIT
  2. Thesis Abstract
    - Your abstract must be written directly onto this form and should fit onto one side of A4.
    - You can adjust the font of the writing to make the most of the space available but make sure that it is no less than 10 points and legible!
  3. Thesis Access Abstract Publication
    - The signature on the second page is required whether you are allowing access or restricting it.

Viva Preparation

Slides from the PhD Viva Preparation Workshop are now available: Viva Preparation Slides [PDF]

Tuition Fee Payment

Please be aware that failure to pay your tuition fees in a timely manner is dealt with very seriously by the Finance department. If you are having difficulties please make sure that you get in contact with the Finance department in order to work out a solution. Information on the steps taken to recover fees from students who fail to do so is available online:

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