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Gaining experience – resources to help

Your future employers will expect experience and skills as well as your degree.

Use the 'Year by Year' section of your Careers Service website for ideas on getting involved at university and beyond, to gain experience and skills to benefit your future.

Looking for experience for a specific career?

Got a career in mind? Related experience is great for confirming (or not!) your choice, as well as good for your CV. Find relevant part-time, vacation work and internships via the Looking for Work section of the Careers Service website, or volunteer to get started. And check out the Occupations section of our website for occupation-specific links to sites which advertise vacancies.

Talk to people

Talk to people working in a career area of interest to find out more about their work, and how to get into that area of work. Use your own personal networks, employers on campus at Fairs and events, and make use of LinkedIn to find Edinburgh alumni working in areas you’re interested in. Find out how via the link below.

Still not sure how to go about developing skills and gaining experience?