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Why Study Cognitive Science?

The University of Edinburgh played a key role in founding Cognitive Science and it has the largest centre in Europe, contributing to the study of human cognition. We not only helped create the field but we are also at the forefront of it, so you will be taught by some of the researchers who laid the foundations and who are still making key advances.

A student explains why he chose to study Cognitive Science.

Did you know?

  • You can choose from a large range of courses, which can be tailored to your needs.
  • Linguistics, Informatics, Philosophy and Psychology, at the University of Edinburgh, are all rated as internationally excellent in the latest RAE.
  • You will be part of an exciting enterprise with a small group of like-minded students, while being part of a larger community of undergraduates in each of the component subject areas.

A truly unique learning programme

The Cognitive Science programme at Edinburgh is jointly organised by the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences and the School of Informatics, creating an exciting and stimulating research, teaching and learning environment.

The programme allows students to combine the study of core computing and human science subjects with a specialisation of their choosing. The possible specialisations include:

Enhance your employability

The four-year degree gives you a unique opportunity to study a wide-range of cognitive science subjects and allow you to develop skills that enhance your employability.

Graduates with degrees in Cognitive Science have good prospects of employment, in fields that will shape our society, not only those which obviously depend on computers, such as economics, entertainment, user-friendly technology, mobile systems, manufacturing and health, to name but a few, but also those thought of traditionally as more 'Arts'-orientated such as the Civil Service, management, finance, journalism, law, social work and teaching.

Some graduates have set up their own companies. For those looking towards advanced degrees, many research opportunities are open, ranging from language technology and communications disorders to child development and cognitive neuroscience.

Unforgettable student experience

Benefit from being part of a large and vibrant student community, at the heart of a University with a 400-year heritage that is consistently rated one of the world's best. Located in the centre of Scotland's capital city, one of the cultural capitals of Europe, Cognitive Science at Edinburgh can offer a student experience that few others can rival.

Are there any opportunities to study abroad?

Both Schools encourage students to consider the possibility of spending one year of their undergraduate degree course (typically the third) at a university in another country. We believe this will help you learn a new language and open new employment markets for you. The University of Edinburgh has more than 350 exchange arrangements with Universities in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

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